“Loni Beach: A Gimli Heritage Neighbourhood” Booklet

Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee Special Project: The Booklet Loni Beach A Gimli Heritage Neighbourhood

“The Loni Beach neighbourhood has an important history, and very distinct physical qualities that make it notable
within the Municipality of Gimli. It has special heritage values, which are increasingly coming under pressure from development and the addition of modern amenities and resources.
This booklet is intended to provide property owners and local government with a useful tool. The detailed description and definition of the heritage character of Loni Beach can be used to inform evaluations of how any proposed changes might affect or threaten the integrity of the unique and fragile heritage qualities of this historic Gimli neighbourhood. Careful evaluation and planning can accommodate required changes to historic resources without compromising their integrity. It is also hoped that the information provided will encourage a genuine appreciation of this built heritage environment and create a willing heritage conservation ethic within the community”

Loni Beach SoS: “Statement of Significance” 2007

Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee: “Because of recent development pressures in the Loni Beach Cottage Neighbourhood, the Committee has undertaken to produce a Statement of Significance for the neighbourhood. ” (2007) Special Places Loni Beach Cottage Neighbourhood Statement of Significance