About the LBRA

The Loni Beach Residents Association Inc. (“LBRA”) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 and exists (a) to actively pursue the concerns of Loni Beach residents, (b) to act as a liaison between the residents and the Rural Municipality of Gimli and (c) to distribute information to the residents on items of concern. An Annual General Meeting is held (usually in Loni Beach) during the month of July. The LBRA welcomes any and all interested individuals; membership is not restricted to property owners! Contact the LBRA: lonibeachers@gmail.com

Mission Statement

“As a team, we are committed to being a voice for our growing community and a liaison to the Rural Municipality of Gimli”.


Jude Guzzi  (President)
Cheryl Hahlweg (Treasurer)
Lori Dziewit (Secretary)
Carol Klein (Member-at-Large)
Greg Carlson (Member-at-Large)
Lori Lavoie (Member-at-Large)
Anne Loewen (Member at Large)